Handmade Windows

At Hawker Joinery, we have been specialising in handmade windows for nearly 100 years. We offer a range of modern and traditional casement, and sliding sash windows to suit your property. These can be single glazed, double glazed or slim line double glazed (depending on whether you are in a conservation area). All windows are handmade, glazed and fitted to our high quality standard.

Handmade windows at Queen Square in Bath, by Hawker Joinery
Replacement sash windows for a property in Queen Square, Bath, lovingly hand-crafted by Hawkers.


Our choice of materials for a quality product would be hardwood which, if properly maintained, will stand the test of time and gives your home that look of quality it naturally deserves. We can match any existing window exactly with our wide range of cutters available. All frames and sashes are made using a traditional mortise and tenon joint which comprises of two components, (the mortise hole and the tenon tongue) making it both simple and strong. The tenon is inserted into a square or rectangle hole cut into its corresponding member. The tenon is cut to fit the mortise hole exactly and would have shoulders that fit when the joint fully enters the mortise hole. The joint would then be glued, pinned, or wedges to lock it in place.

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Key Features

  • Bespoke work – Our skilled craftsmen are capable of matching a Listed Building window where even the discerning would not be able to tell that it was not the original window. Where as in a new build, our creative flexibility can produce something cutting edge and unusual.
  • Curved Work – We can produce all shaped heads to suit traditional structural openings including curved, gothic and arched designs.
  • Hardwood Timber – Windows will stand the test of time.
  • Weather proof – All windows are fully weather sealed offering excellent thermal and weather performance.

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