Introducing our Sustainability and Environmental Policy

At Hawker Joinery, we have a Sustainability and Environmental Policy. Why? Joinery is an integral part of the construction industry, and the manufacturing process of the timber we use affects the environment. It is important to us that whilst we provide a quality product, we’re not damaging our environment.

Our policy means that we only use FSC Certified timber, so we can rest assured that we are part of a system that supports sustainable forest management to avoid forest degradation. Using FSC timber also protects the human aspect of the process, addressing a number of relevant issues including labour exploitation, discrimination, forced labour, child labour and human trafficking.

We also choose the timber types that have less carbon footprint from seed to manufacture in our workshop. And we take great care in making a product that will last with less ongoing maintenance; we can offer a window with a sustainably sourced timber and a paint coat that lasts 12-15 years.

We are also continuing to monitor our manufacturing process in the workshop and make changes where needed to boost productivity with less waste.

You can help protect the environment too by choosing timber windows or doors for your property or project, rather than Aluminium or U-PVC, as the production process for these materials are damaging to our environment.

Our eyes are on the bigger picture. We only have one world to live in. Hawker Joinery are proud to be making steps to look after it.